Learner's Adda

- Invest smart and grow super rich

- Smart Investment- Live webinar

- Attain financial independence at an early age

- Half knowledge can kill your wealth

What is smart Investing all about?

- If you`re an aspiring investor who have always dreamt of making fortune in stock market through long term investment then this training program is for you

- For you to become a successful investor in stock market it is imperative to acquire knowledge on fundamental analysis

- Smart Investing is a 2 Hours training program conducted through live webinar which would help you to learn the basics of stock market investments and strengthen your fundamental analytical skills.

Learning outcomes of the training program

  • 1. Analyze the Industry
  • 2. Understand the business model of a company
  • 3. Comprehend the competitive advantage of the business
  • 4. Analyze the financial performance of the company.
  • 5. Simple equity valuation using price multiples
  • 6. Secret tips to avoid pitfalls in stock market
  • Why invest in stock market?

    - Equity investments are the highest return generating asset class among all other asset classes.

    - There are such multibagger stocks which has made fortune for many ace investors.

    - For ex: If you had invested even 100000 rupees in Bajaj finance 10 years ago today you would be owning stocks worth 1.6 crore rupees! Shocking?

    - Despite of this level of returns, the biggest draw back in Indian equity market is, only 1.5% of the adult population invests in stock market.

    - A more matured market like USA has almost 55% of Adult population participating in stock market

    - India is a booming market and has a very high potential. For next 2 decades india`s GDP will be on a fast track and its going to be a lifetime opportunity to become financially independent by boosting up your wealth

    - It will be a foolish decision to play safe and dodging stock market if you want to achieve exponential financial growth

    Target audience- Who should attend this training program?

    - Stock market investment is a race where a marathon runner makes more fortune than a sprinter.

    - Hence in this program we will be focusing on long term investment strategies and not on any sort of intraday trading or any other short term investment strategies

    - If you are an aspiring investor who always wanted to make fortune from long term investments by Investing in winning stocks then this training program Is for you

    - Irrespective of your age, gender and qualification you can attend this program